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Getting to Know Us

Each fortnight we will feature a member of our team and put them under the spotlight. 

We ask them a set of questions to help you know more about me.


We are one big  family and we want you to be part of it

This Weeks Featured Team Member

31st March 2023

Gary Hayes

Favourite Song:  

Favourite Book:

Favourite Film:

Favourite TV Show:

Favourite Food:

First Record/CD/Tape etc bought:

If you could have any superpower what would it be:

While my guitar gently weeps - The Beatles

The Rats - James Herbert (Sorry Andy McNab)

Rambo - First Blood

Any Wildlife Documentary by Sir David Attenborough

Pie 'N' Mash and stewed Eels ( I'm gonna vomit - Comms Officer)

Since You've been gone (1976) Rainbow

The ability to heal the seriously ill

Quick Fire 5



Coffee or Tea

Football or Rugby

Chocolates or Crisps

TV or Radio

Ant or Dec

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