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Many of our followers have found it therapeutic and cathartic to write down their emotions, thoughts and feelings. It can help when transferring it on to paper to visualise and process. Several have turned to poetry a means of escape, including our co-founder Gary Hayes. 

Also one to use poetry is our friend and supporter, Mark C Hills. Mark has had his work published (Scrambled - pictured on the right). Scrambled will take you on a poetic journey of mental health. From accepting something wasn't quite right, along the journey to a diagnosis of PTSD, travelling a path of therapy, inner demons, and the ongoing battles that mental health brings, this collection of raw poetry takes you inside the authors mind during his personal struggle with mental health

Initially writing as a way to allow his family to understand what was wrong, poetry became a therapy in itself...but only when at his lowest and darkest moments.

We have created a short video to visually capture one of Mark's Poems " Dark Days ".  We are featuring this particular piece as it encapsulates the struggles of PTSD and the last few sentences are about two of our team, Gary Hayes and Graham Cole OBE.

POET-TRY - to try your hand at poetry. (verb)

we want to hear from any budding poets, from published authors to the first time writers. If we feature your poem on our website we will send you a Prize.

The April and May Prize is signed copy of Mark's book - Scrambled.


If we get enough content we may even publish our own book featuring your poems. 

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